Rationale of ICE

Tuesday, 05 February 2008

ICE is an exciting and promising integration of Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Industrian Engineering, the combination of the very core of Chulalongkorn's Engineering School. The program offers students with a chance to become hardcore programmers serving the international community with IT architecture for enterprises, software on mobile devices, satellite communications, game programming, computer networking, and software engineering for large organizations, just to name a few. The discipline will be strengthened with the appreciation of Management Science that should highten your competency to the international level. ICE is your future.


   Curriculum board

Thit            Siriboon,                   Ph.D.(Oregon state)

Proadpran  Punyabukkana,        Ph.D.(Claremont)

Daricha      Sutivong,                  Ph.D.(Stanford)

Nisachon   Tangsangiumvisai,  Ph.D.(London)

Atiwong      Suchato,                   Ph.D.(M.I.T.)


Prabhas     Chongstitvatana,      Ph.D.(Edinburgh) 

Associate Professors

Electrial Engineering

Watcharapong Khovidhungij,     Ph.D.(UCLA)

Computer Engineering

Pornsiri      Muenchaisri,            Ph.D.(Tech.Sydney)


Assistant Professors

Electrial Engineering

Chaiyachet  Saivichit,                Ph.D.(London)

Chaodit      Aswakul,                  Ph.D.(London)

Chanchai   Pluempitiwiriyawej,             Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon)

 Computer Engineering

Athasit       Surarerks,                Ph.D.(Pierre et Marie Curie)

Atiwong      Suchato,                   Ph.D.(M.I.T.)

Attawith      Sudsang,                  Ph.D.(Illinois)

Pizzanu     Kanongchaiyos,       Ph.D.(Tokyo)

Vishnu       Kotrajaras,               Ph.D.(London) 


Computer Engineering

Chate         Patanothai,               M.Sc.(Miami)     

Thit            Siriboon,                   Ph.D.(Oregon State)

Industrial Engineering

Surapong    Sirikulvadhana,      MS.EE,MS.IEOR

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