ISE AERO students won the award of the National Institute of Metrology

13 Jun, 2018
Congratulations!!! ISE Aero students,Mr. Napas Pasurapunya and Mr. Adithep Kawinkij won 3rd place and the popular vote of the Student Science Project Contest under the theme “Metrology and Sustainable Development” at the 20th anniversary celebration of the National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) at the Techno Thani, campus on June 8, 2018. Their project, titled “Design and Development of the CU Changeable Nozzle Supersonic Wind Tunnel” which aimed to design a Supersonic Wind Tunnel for the university’s senior project with the ultimate goal of developing educational equipment for AERO students to study aircraft or supersonic objects at high speeds. It is also the first Supersonic Wind Tunnel produced by Thai students in Thailand (The second supersonic wind tunnel in Thailand)