Nissan Motor Thailand: challenges ahead of engineering graduates

10 Apr, 2018

On March, 16, 2018 the International School of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University welcomed Mr. Antoine Barthes, President of Nissan Motor Thailand and his team for a short meeting on potential collaboration.

Mr. Barthes gave also a talk on Nissan to students and lecturers from the Faculty of Engineering to highlight challenges ahead of future graduates. One of them, specific to autonomous vehicles in Thailand, is the lack of lanes and the high number of motorbike which both make more difficult for the autonomous car to predict behaviors.

Nissan introduced as well its Nissan Leaf, an electric vehicle that can be driven with only one pedal, the E-pedal. This is only one example of many innovations developed by Nissan. Integration is key to the company and for its customer into the development of smart cities.