Triumph in ISE Exploring Engineering World Competition 2024

25 Apr, 2024
Triumph in ISE Exploring Engineering World Competition 2024

[23 April 2024] - The ISE Exploring Engineering World Competition 2024 has left ISE buzzing with excitement as we proudly announce the esteemed winners of this event!

  • First Place Award: Rak Pak [Cluster: Eco. Poll.]
Somalinavann Thav; Nuttapas Sillapa-Anan; Sao-Ek Kawinbunyakun; Thienkwan Boonchai; Arpakorn Phong-Arpakorn; Phutong Karintrakul

  • Second Place Award: Dengue Alert Thailand [Cluster: Disaster Mitigation]
Krittin Intisang; Nischal Chirkute; Kantabadh Darasidh; Pemika Visetsombut; Parima Raelee; Thanatat Dheravijaranayankul

  • Third Place and Popular Vote Award: Walkie [Cluster: Product Design]
Patteera Chatphantharat; Ramida Nuanualsuwan; Harsh Pandey; Ashin Khroungchan; Mohamed Farzan Mohamed Sathik; Yuno Wannakajeepiboon

  • Finalist Award: OOTD [Cluster: Data Science]
Supachot Larpwarrakitchai; Dheekhayu Chusak; Pen-Ace Wisuttikulpanich; Sirawish Itthichaisri; Yotsapat Luesaksophon; Pannawat Suwanichskul

The Exploring Engineering World course empowers freshmen to craft innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. Armed with the core tenets of engineering, design thinking, and problem-solving skills, our students have unleashed groundbreaking projects that promise to reshape our world!

We extend our gratitude to our distinguished panel of judges – Assoc. Prof. Kreangkrai Maneeintr, Assoc. Prof. Sorada Kanokpanont, Asst. Peerapat Thongnuek, Aj. Pavisorn Chuenchum, and Aj. Sawangjit Wongwanchai – whose expertise and guidance provided invaluable insights to our contestants, pushing the boundaries of innovation ever further.

Special recognition goes to our captivating MC, Pawat Songkhopanit (ICE student), and our dedicated team of TAs – Chutiwat Ataboonwongse, Kumpol Saengtabtim, Narakhan Khunsrimek and Kyawt Hmue Khin – whose unwavering support were instrumental in making this event a success!