ISE Student activities : AIS Representative guest lecture on Principle of telecommunications to 3rd year ICE program students

12 Feb, 2018
ISE Student activities : On Feb 12th, AIS visited ISE to give a talk to ICE 3rd students for the class of Principles of Telecommunications. The speaker, K. Saran Phaloprakarn (Senior Vice President - Fixed Broadband Business Management : AIS) gave a brilliant discourse on wireless communications. In addition to sharing cutting edge 5G and GPON technologies for cellular and fiber systems, K Saran also shared some stories from his 20+ years of experience working in the telecommunications industry.
AIS also graciously brought along equipment that demonstrates the working of fiber optic networks and also took students to visit their cell site on top on engineering building 4. Overall the visit was a success and students thoroughly enjoyed the demo and site visit. The ISE would like to thank K. Saran and his team including K. Phongthep and K. Montakarn for offering their time to inspire our students!