Announcement: Regarding ISE scholarship result announcement (dated 4 October 2021)

18 Oct, 2021

For all ISE scholarship applicants who have submitted the scholarship applications already during 1-15 Auguest 2021, if you have any inquiries regarding the announcement of scholarship result, please do the following by 23:59 Hrs this Friday, 22 October 2021:

Explain and send your inquiries with the evidences of your application (including: 1. the completed application form and required documents that you submitted to ISE during 1-15 August 2021; 2. the proof that you have actually submitted the application to ISE during 1-15 August 2021.)

Please send the evidences to and cc:
by 23:59 Hrs this Friday, 22 October 2021.

(Note: 1. Any inquiries recieved after 23:59 Hrs this Friday, 22 October 2021 will not be considered regardless of any circumstances.
2. All of the provided information and documents must be factual and verifiable, otherwise you will not be considered for any scholarships from ISE throughout your time of study and will be under investigation for potential violations of Student Code of Conduct.)

For any questions, please contact us at LINE Ads: @ise_chula