International School of Engineering (Chula ISE) has developed a broad range of student exchange partnerships with other universities around the world. Our Student Exchange Program provides outstanding foreign and Thai students an opportunity to establish meaningful relationships.
All courses taken by exchange students at each institution are taught in English. Our students get the opportunity to learn and study different languages while on exchange, but knowledge of these languages is not required for participation in the program.
There are currently one possible destination(s) in Denmark
There are currently one possible destination(s) in Hongkong
There are currently one possible destination(s) in Italy
There are currently one possible destination(s) in Malaysia
There are currently one possible destination(s) in Spain
There are currently two possible destination(s) in Sweden
There are currently two possible destination(s) in Taiwan
There are currently two possible destination(s) in USA


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  • Outgoing Introduction
    All ISE students are encouraged to participate in the Student Exchange Program in foreign countries and at universities that best meet their long-term professional interests. Many students also learn foreign languages. The program offers student exchanges at leading international universities for a semester. The students opting for the exchange program need to register and study their core subjects of fourth year (semester 1) when they are in third year (semester 1). No tuition fee is charged by the partner institution, as students continue to pay their ISE tuition while they are away.

    Some financial assistance is also available. All course credits obtained on exchange will be applied to the Chulalongkorn University’s degree requirements as appropriate.
  • Eligibility & Requirements
    A completed Outgoing application form

    Applicants must achieve a minimum score as follows:

    GPA requirement: preferable 3.0 (a copy of a transcript is required along with an application form) 

    After Nomination: Partner University’s Application Process and Acceptance Letter 

    Once you have been nominated to a partner university, you will receive the application process email from the partner university and are required to complete that university’s application as an exchange student. 
    Each university has a different application process.  You will be suggested to apply by one of following processes:
    1. Online Application – Application and required documents should be uploaded electronically by the student. 
    2. Email Attachment – Application and required documents should be attached in the email and submitted to the partner university by ISE.
    3. Hardcopies Post – Application and required documents should be posted to the partner university by ISE (home university).
    4. Online Application and Hardcopies Post – Application and required documents should be uploaded by the student and the originals will be posted to the partner university afterwards.

    Important: Students should follow application instructions carefully and submit the application and required documents to the partner university ON TIME.  If you have concerns or need help, please contact the ISE office.

    Ms. Waranit  Nithikornsirikul
    Phone: 662-218-6422-4, Ext. 104
  • Procedure (Before Departure & Return)

    Before Departure

    The student should check for the completion of the following things before departure:

    Registration Process at Partner University
    • Accommodation 
    • Visa
    • Plane Ticket
    • Insurance
    • Tuition fee and Program fee payment to Chula 
    Note: Outgoing student is not required to register courses at Chula for the exchange semester. However, students should pay Tuition and Program fees as usual.

    Before your return

    Before your return, you should
    • Request the transcript online or ask the partner university coordinator to send a transcript directly to the ISE Office.
    • Register online for ISE courses.
    • Write the exchange report and submit the soft file to our exchange coordinator.

    Course Equivalency 

    Student must submit the Couse Equivalency Form for course approval  by the committee. Please send the form to ISE office before going abroad (45 days in advance). 

    Student Travel Grant for Outbound Exchange Program and Overseas Internship  click

  • Returning to Home University
    Students must submit the Transfer Course Form for Returned Exchange Students and CR39 form with the transcript for committee’s consideration for credit.
    Please note that you should be given permission by your parents to attend the selected partner university. Parents will financially sponsor you throughout the Exchange Program. 

Student Life

Exchange students are given access to the full range of services normally available to foreign students regularly enrolled at the host institution. These include adequate orientation, an appointed qualified academic advisor, and access to library, computer center, and recreational facilities.

Orientation sessions, both at their home institutions and upon arrival at the host institution, cover academic expectations, administrative and logistical details, health and safety issues, and cultural awareness.